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Official Communications

Hello photography friends, I just wanted to take a moment to reiterate that all official communications with J. David Buerk - Photography are through myself (David; hi!), and only through my official contact channels and social media profiles. If you encounter any profile that you are unsure or suspicious of, claiming to be me, or conducting business on my behalf, immediately cease communications and please report any suspicious behavior like this to my email,

Why I’m Bringing This Up

Although I haven’t received any reports of impersonation, I was recently contacted on one of my official social media profiles by a new, blank profile bearing my name, asking for basic information, which is why I am disseminating this cautionary message.

Official Lines of Communication

Below I am listing all official J. David Buerk - Photography communication outlets and social media profiles; please only interact with these lines of communication (and please Like / Follow / Subscribe / etc if you don’t already!):

NOTE: My old domain ( redirects to this site.

NOTE: My old email ( still works! In fact, both emails are the exact same account and inbox. I also accept PGP encrypted email; ask for my key.


Client Galleries (hosted by SmugMug):

NOTE: This URL was changed to mirror my other social media URLS on March 5th, 2019; the old URL ( does not work anymore, as Facebook does not allow masks or redirects.




NOTE: Not regularly monitored; please direct messages to

NOTE: Google+ is shutting down April 2nd, 2019; read why here.

NOTE: I am not presently active on Snapchat; this profile is not regularly monitored for snaps / messages - please direct all communication to the above email / phone number / social media profiles instead, but feel free to follow in the event I do begin using this profile.

Personal Accounts

I also have personal accounts at many of the services above, and others not listed; I do not use my personal accounts for business purposes, and if I am contacted for business on one of my personal accounts, I will always direct you toward my email, phone number, website, and / or social media profiles listed above. If you encounter an account seemingly impersonating me, either a personal or business account, or to conduct business or not, please notify me immediately.

Thank You, My Fans

Old Rag Mountain, August, 2018.

Old Rag Mountain, August, 2018.

Finally, a thank you to every one of you who follows my photography, shares my enthusiasm, and introduces me to new people who will enjoy my work for years to come. Without you my work would be much less vibrant and diverse, and I appreciate your diligence in ensuring security and authenticity.

Thank you!



If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that my handle has changed - you can now follow me @DavidBuerkPhoto!  This matches with my Twitter handle, which is also @DavidBuerkPhoto.  Now tagging me is simple if you use both Instagram and Twitter together - no more digging for different my account handles.

If you were already following me on Instagram, you still are following my professional account.  Some of you on Instagram might see my new personal account follow you; right now I have it set to private (this might change later), so to follow me you'll need to request to follow me - request to follow me back, no worries.

Twitter Updates!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I've made a few changes. If you already followed me for my photography, you don't have to do anything!  I've simply changed my Twitter handle to @DavidBuerkPhoto (I want @jdbphoto, however it is taken and abandoned, and Twitter unfortunately will not release inactive usernames).  You'll see my name on Twitter as now.

This is because I've also created a new personal Twitter account, which does use my name, but isn't pertinent to my photography.


Tweets by @DavidBuerkPhoto

Rupeng for Mason

Sometimes it's important to have fun!  Rupeng is a friend of mine who is running for Student Senate at George Mason University; these photos are going to be turned into Meme Posters for his campaign at Rupeng for Mason.  I shot some fun photos of him (in addition to some serious ones... but the fun ones are what he'll be using more of in his campaign) during a VERY quick photo sesh.  I've also been giving him a bit of campaign advice, which is more marketing than campaigning; you have to be able to market yourself (something I admit I'm still learning to do myself). This post may be updated in the future as Rupeng creates Memes from these images - I will update with his usage as he goes!