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2015 Film Scans

You guys, I’m super excited! I found some rolls of old, expired film laying around that I’d never gotten developed, so I sent them to the wonderful folks at The Find Lab last week and I just got the scans back!

I had no idea what was on them, but it turns out I shot 3 rolls on the same weekend in October, 2015. These rolls were all expired Kodak Gold given to me to kill off, and were definitely underexposed even though they were all shot at speed; I’m not quite sure why they were underexposed for this reason. Kodak Gold isn’t the best film in the World, and I prefer the soft teal hues of Fuji 400H as opposed to the oversaturated warm tones Kodak films tend to have.

Katie’s Cars and Coffee: October 24th, 2015

Saturday morning I went to Katie’s Cars and Coffee and shot the show on film. I have a hunch I used the 35mm f/1.4L for the whole show and most of the next day in Shenandoah, but I’m not 100%. It was a foreign invasion, with offerings from France, Germany, England, and Japan.

These photos are available for print and download here.

20151024 - Katie's Cars and Coffee - Film 1.jpg
20151024 - Katie's Cars and Coffee - Film 2.jpg
20151024 - Katie's Cars and Coffee - Film 3.jpg

Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive

The next day was the annual trip to Shenandoah National Park to take in Skyline Drive - this part I shot on film and digital.

I wish I could remember what trail we hiked while there. When the wind chill is bearable and we have the time we often go hiking during our annual trip. This was my first trip to Skyline Drive with my new car, and we spent most of our time there photographing all our cars. This was the first and only time Jake, Patrick, and I had our cars together on Skyline Drive, so the majority of my digital pictures were of the cars, and I used the film for nature and landscape photography. I used a mix of lenses, but I can say for sure the first photo was shot using the TS-E 90mm f/2.8.

These photos are available for print and download here.

20151025 - Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive - Film 1.jpg
20151025 - Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive - Film 2.jpg
20151025 - Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive - Film 3.jpg

David and Tiffany: Engaged

David and Tiffany are one of those couples that are just so stinkin’ cute together you have to see them to see how in love they are - luckily for everyone, I brought my camera along for their Fall Shenandoah engagement session - hard to be a photographer without a camera after all!

Among the gold and orange leaves falling from the trees like crisp snow, David and Tiffany explored the forest along the Shenandoah Valley; a place they both love and have spent much time exploring and enjoying all the views it has to offer through all the different seasons. With the warm sun shimmering through the trees, and the cool breeze atop a mountain guiding the sun below the horizon under a blanket of blue and purple clouds, David and Tiffany made a day of all of Shenandoah’s best for the engagement session.

What better way to end a day than touring Virginia wineries?

20181104 - David and Tiffany 1.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 2.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 3.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 4.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 5.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 6.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 7.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 8.jpg
20181104 - David and Tiffany 9.jpg

2016 Waterford Fair

For several years now I've been making it a point to visit the Waterford Fair annually, although last year the Fair was cancelled due to flooding, but the town of Waterford, Virginia made up for it a month later with the Art Harvest.

This year was a little rainy, but that wasn't enough to keep me away, and it certainly wasn't a flood, even if it was caused by a hurricane just like in 2015.  My first stop was at a woodworker, who has begun making pens this year in addition to his other goods.  I bought my 6th fountain pen, and it's my absolute favorite, and my daily writer now; Hawaiian Koa with 24K Gold Nib.

Other stops I always make include buying honey from Loudoun Center Apiaries (1 bottle of their light honey lasts me the entire year!), the antique farm equipment display, the corner store to buy lamb sausage for slow grilling later on, and the beltmaker who I buy a belt from every year; he actually recognizes me now.

I always go through each art and photography gallery, mostly to admire the skills that other artists have that I lack - I so wish I could paint.  On this same note, I usually stop in on Katherine Riedel's studio for a moment or two, but this time we actually got to talking about my unexplored desires to learn to paint (specifically watercolors, if you're wondering).  Katherine and I spoke for about a half hour, and listening to her talk about art and paint and shape was so interesting I wish I'd been able to turn it into a full interview / spotlight.  I did ask if I could film her painting for a bit; the gourds and pumpkins in the video is what she was working on when I dropped by.

Finally, I always visit the wine tasting section (shocker, I know).  This is probably one of the best ways to go wine tasting for a beginner, because the 5 or 6 wineries that have booths all give an abbreviated tasting.  Most tastings at a winery sample ~6 - 12 wines, while each tasting at the Waterford Fair samples ~4 - 6; that means if you do the full tasting at Waterford of all the wineries, you're sampling ~25 - 30 different wines!  For $20 including a souvenir glass, this is an incredible bargain considering the amount of variety (and frankly, sheer amount, especially considering some of the wineries are heavy pourers); a full tasting at just a single one of these wineries including a glass will always run above $20, and here you're getting to try FIVE!  If you find a winery you especially like, you can buy bottles right at the tasting, or you can go visit their actual location some other day.  I've been to all but two of the wineries at the Fair this year, and with all the vineyards I've visited, I'm pretty well versed in Virginia wine (hint: I generally dislike Virginia wines - actually, I've noticed I generally dislike most American wines).  I have three favorite Virginia wineries, and unfortunately none of them display at Waterford - that is just personal preference and nothing against the wineries present at Waterford; most of them are very good and are highly regarded.  I even got a little something to bring back from Creek's Edge.

And don't forget to watch the video to see some of this stuff in action.

End of Summer

Luck just wasn't on my side this year to go to the Maryland Renn Faire; one weekend I tried to go, it happened to be the first time the faire closed for weather conditions in a decade, and then the following weekend parking filled up and the began turning people away.  When this happened, Annapolis was the obvious choice; same weekend as the boat show, although I spent more time in art galleries and spice shops than checking out floating money pits.

After perusing Annapolis, the Bay was calling out - since I've been doing a fair share of video work lately, I was inspired to snag some footage and flex my creative muscle a bit.

End of Summer 4.jpg

Danielle and James: Married October 17th, 2015

On a colorful Fall day in October, Danielle and James, an unbelievably cute couple, tied the knot in Glen Echo, Maryland.  Danielle and James have a shared love of Stephen Colbert; after being led through the city on a scavenger hunt ending inside the National Portrait Gallery, James proposed to Danielle under the watchful eye of Colbert's portrait, famously hanging over the drinking fountain.  Danielle and James were surrounded by friends and family on their big day.  Everyone enjoyed cake and dancing, and the newlywed couple even had some time to play on the nearby swingset!

As always, the fantastic Eddie Kyle assisted me in photographing Danielle and James' big day.  Check him out on Facebook and his website!