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Rose Corps

Rose Corps, a synth-pop solo project, burst onto the DC music scene earlier this year with the release of their first single, “Frosted Glass;” an icy track with ambient warmth and rich vocals.  Aeron, the singer / songwriter and synthesizer player behind Rose Corps, brought her background in dancing to the streets of DC for a sultry nighttime photoshoot.

Rose Corps is currently producing her next single, expected to release later this year, but for now you can listen to “Frosted Glass” while enjoying Aeron’s pictures.

I can’t encourage you enough to go follow Rose Corps on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reverbnation, and most importantly, go buy “Frosted Glass” on Bandcamp to help support Aeron’s new music career.

A big thank you to Patrick and Rupeng for being my human lightstands in a short-notice pinch!

Aliena: Corsetry and More


Aliena is a stunning model, entering her senior year of college studying graphic design.  She began modeling as a child, and has continued to do so up through college.  Today she collects and models corsets, and has exceptional taste and class in wardrobe.  This shoot was especially fun not only because Aliena and I share an amazing artistic connection given our backgrounds, but also because I was photographing a beautiful woman modeling attire which I find outright breathtaking - I always have wished that corsets were more widely worn in our modern day; I think they are some of the most gorgeous garments a woman can wear, and I'm glad that there are still others who appreciate their sensual glamour.


Corsets of course aren't all we shot.  Aliena has a vast and classy wardrobe ranging from sweet to sultry.  Photos on the table started as as warm-up, but creatively became a story we fabricated about a girl mourning the death of her man.