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Pizza Hut Architectural Photography

This Winter, in partnership with Pizza Hut and their architect KMBA Architecture, the newest airport Pizza Hut location.  This Pizza Hut happens to be the first airport location with a bar in existence, but will be the first of many as the pizza restaurant has updated its menu to offer a full range of items including pastas, chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, and of course pizza.

Here is a selection of some of the images of the new Pizza Hut space I captured which highlight KMBA Architecture's design expertise in a modern and welcoming restaurant atmosphere.


KMBAPizzaHut 1.jpg


KMBAPizzaHut 2.jpg

Michael Symon at Bar Symon, IAD

Recently Iron Chef Michael Symon dropped by Bar Symon, his restaurant at Washington Dulles International Airport; this time he was able to stay a little longer (last time he was in town his flight got messed up), and was signing books... and of course taking selfies, as usual.

If you've ever watched Food Network or The Chew on ABC, you have surely come to know and love Chef Symon.  Since there was time, I took the opportunity to get my cousin (who is a huge fan, an aspiring young cook, and incredibly jealous of my small connection to Michael) a signed and personalized cookbook, which I surprised him with a few days ago for Christmas.  He loved it, by the way.  I got one for myself too :-)

This day was a little strange - it's not uncommon that I'll go somewhere and run into someone I know.  It just happened that while I was photographing this event, one of my best friends was flying out, and also a college classmate of mine who I hadn't seen in a few years was also waiting on her flight to board.  It was nice to catch up with her during lulls in the event before she had to get to her gate.

Chef Symon said he remembers me from his last time at Dulles, when I covered his restaurant's grand opening ribbon cutting, and shot a portrait of him in front of the eatery.  This time I wanted to shoot another portrait, but somehow differently - we landed on the bar itself.  Just like last time, I was given only a few short minutes to set up and get the shot; this is a single flash photo, also just like last time.  I actually like it better that my previous one!

Marketing and Product Photography and Videography

I thought it would be fitting to provide an update on my marketing and product photography efforts at Ronald Reagan National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport.  This Summer, in addition to my regular ongoing still photography for concession marketing purposes, I also filmed stock footage of concessions at both airports for use in promotions.  These promo spots have been playing on the CNN TV Monitors at both airports since May of this year.  I am responsible for all the footage in these videos with the exception of a few stock photos provided by Legal Sea Foods.  I am not responsible for the video editing; that was tackled by Marketplace Development's marketing team.

Here is an extended edit of the DCA promo.

In addition to these video spots, you can see a sampling of some of my latest marketing photography efforts below.  Both Dulles and Reagan National airports have been working to introduce Better Brands to the Washington, DC aviation market.

You might remember the promotional photography I showcased this past Spring for Pen & Prose and others; much of my photography is used in online promotion, but it also ends up printed large format, very much in public.  This is also a great example of why good photography is important - can you imagine how terrible this dustwall would look with poor quality images, or no images at all?

Examples of my most recent commercial marketing photography.  It's purely coincidental that Chef Geoffrey and I have the same pose :-)

Michael Symon Visits Bar Symon at IAD

This past Friday the 13th, Michael Symon visited his newly opened restaurant, Bar Symon, located at Gate D14 at Washington Dulles International Airport.  Passengers and airport employees alike gathered to meet the Iron Chef and have copies of his cookbooks signed, after he flew in from that morning's taping of ABC's television show, The Chew.

Michael Symon is known for hosting The Chew, and regularly appearing on Food Network's shows, Dinner: Impossible, Iron Chef America, and as a judge on The Next Iron Chef.  Michael has published a number of cooking books, many of which are available in his restaurants, in addition to major booksellers.

Upon Michael's arrival, he was swarmed by fans looking for a an autograph, and lots of selfies.  The man is truly a pro at taking selfies.

Finally, it was time to officially open Bar Symon with a ribbon cutting after a few words.

Next, Michael took to the kitchen and bar to run the new restaurant through its paces.

After a bustling event, I had a very brief portrait session with Michael.  With just two minutes before he had to leave to catch his departing flight, I captured a few photos of Michael in front of the newly opened Bar Symon.  I lit this portrait with a single strobe through an Fstoppers Flash Disc.

Marketplace Development

And of course after a long event, Michael stopped to grab a picture with me before heading home for the weekend.  What an incredibly friendly man, with an infectious laugh, and a natural talent for great American cuisine!

Marketplace Development

Marketing and Product Photography

Recently I shared some of the portraiture I shoot for professional clients and commercial marketing campaigns.  But what about the other half of that equation?  In addition to portraiture and various press events, I photograph a large volume of product and storefront photography for marketing purposes at both Dulles International and Reagan National airports.

Last week on my Facebook Page, I shared a Behind the Scenes photo of a product shoot featuring Spartina 449 handbags.  These product photographs are quite similar to last year's Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company shoot, however this set is intended for use as dustwall graphics for upcoming stores during renovations periods, in addition to regularly ongoing marketing campaigns.

Marketplace Development

This sort of imagery continues inside many of the retailers; notably, Estée Lauder has an equally bright and modern storefront and display.

Both airports feature luxury brands.  Most have opened in the past year, and my photos are used by both airports for their promotion.

Airport Photography
Marketplace Development

I am not limited to retailers either - restaurants and eateries get just as much attention.

All new concessions and restaurants have ribbon cutting ceremonies; oftentimes the grand opening is a major event, including guest speakers and performances.

 Legal Sea Foods Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Photography by J. David Buerk:

Not only are my photos used for promotional campaigns, but at major events, placards summarizing newly opened and soon to open retailers are on display featuring my photos.

 Legal Sea Foods Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Photography by J. David Buerk:

An airport wouldn't be an airport without newsstands and book retailers, and I take photos of them as well!

It's just further demonstration of why I love photographing for DC's local airports - everyone who asks me about my airport photography simply assumes all I do is photograph aircraft, but upon explaining the body of work above, they always leave surprised and better informed - it's a side of every airport that few people ever think about, yet is so often taken for granted.