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Pizza Hut Architectural Photography

This Winter, in partnership with Pizza Hut and their architect KMBA Architecture, the newest airport Pizza Hut location.  This Pizza Hut happens to be the first airport location with a bar in existence, but will be the first of many as the pizza restaurant has updated its menu to offer a full range of items including pastas, chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, and of course pizza.

Here is a selection of some of the images of the new Pizza Hut space I captured which highlight KMBA Architecture's design expertise in a modern and welcoming restaurant atmosphere.


KMBAPizzaHut 1.jpg


KMBAPizzaHut 2.jpg

Warrenton Adventures - Glassblowing and Wineries

Sharing some recent personal work with you!  Two weeks ago I was in Warrenton for a little bit and got to see Tom Veirs working in his glassblowing studio after lunch.  I'm also bringing you something a little different; today's entire post contains a lot of black and white - a medium I love, but almost never publish in.

Warrenton Glassblowing at Veirs Studio Glass and Gallery

Tom will be retiring in end of May, so go visit his studio to buy some of his work before he says farewell!  He also had a visitor in the shop who studied glassblowing at VCU, and was practicing some of his skills.  It's a neat process that I'd only seen in limited amounts at the Maryland Renaissance Fair; here they showed me how to make some basics, like a shot glass and spiral patterns in wine glass stems.

Pearmund Cellars Winery

Afterwards was a visit to nearby Pearmund Cellars.  I'm not using this blog to post wine reviews, but I did to a full tasting and took tasting notes in my wine journal, which marks the first time I've wine journaled a Virginia vineyard.

The Maine and Beach Weather at Springfield Town Center

I don't post a lot of it, but a good portion of my work is commercial marketing photography for a few concession management companies.  Oftentimes this means storefronts and product shots for websites and social media campaigns (which is meaningful, but isn't really why people follow my photography, so I don't post much of it), and other times this means events.

Springfield Mall was reborn in 2014 as Springfield Town Center; a brand new enclosed shopping facility right off of the Franconia - Springfield Blue Line Metro Station, at the crossroads of I-495, I-95, and the Fairfax County Parkway.

Last week, Springfield Town Center was one of the venues along The Maine's "Free For All" tour, and Springfield Town Center's Concert Series.  This was the first time I have ever photographed a concert (if you don't count an opera).  In this case I was the venue's event photographer.

The Maine, and Beach Weather (The Maine's opener), I must say, were excellent bands to have as my first shooting concert photography.  I apparently am out of the loop, because even though a number of friends of mine knew about The Maine, I'd never heard of them (sorry about that guys... but you do have a new fan now!).  Both bands were awesome, and I've picked up their music since the concert last week.

I can't encourage you enough to go buy their music, and follow them on all the Internetz!

Beach Weather

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Springfield Town Center
Springfield Town Center
Springfield Town Center

I've wanted to try my hand at concert photography for many years, and I wouldn't change this first time in any way - I photographed two amazing bands, and quickly learned what it's all about.  I had a fantastic time - Thank you The Maine, Beach Weather, and all you great folks at Springfield Town Center.

Sarah and Brigham: Married

Sarah and Brigham were married on a lovely May morning - this was the first Spring wedding I've ever shot at the Washington, DC LDS Temple, and I have to say that it was the most beautiful I have ever seen the Temple, between the bountiful tulips and the perfect gold morning light shining through the freshly blossoming trees.

Since there was plenty of time before their wedding, Sarah wanted to surprise Brigham in her dress, and capture his reaction to his first look at her.

Katie's Cars and Coffee: November 23rd, 2013

It's been a few weeks since I've been to Katie's; last weekend I shot an awesome wedding.  This weekend brought in a cold front, which, predictably, kept some folks from coming out.  While eating breakfast inside Katie's you could overhear conversations; "Ive put the Ferrari away for the Winter, so I just brought the Porsche."  The weather today was cold and blustery; it made for a short show, as most people gathered inside for coffee, and promptly left, avoiding the 35°F cold + wind chill... all while yesterday it was 65°F.


Jake (Bengal55) and I also ran into Patrick (Jagvar), and we toured the show together.


There was also this guy drove up to me in his Daimler and asked me if my camera records sound. I said, "it can" and proceeded to record him as he drove off.  Not sure what that was all about... but hey, if you find this video, here it is!

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