David's Biography

David’s interest in photography started at a young age, taking snapshots with disposable cameras, and later a fixed-lens Kodak point-and-shoot, turning the prints into captioned photo albums.  This interest remained strong through High School, where he attempted for three years to enroll in a Photography course; unfortunately, the class was so popular that it filled quickly, and he was never given the opportunity.  Upon graduating high school, David received his first (digital) SLR camera as a gift from his parents.  His first *real* camera allowed him to finally explore what he would quickly learn was his passion for photography.

As he began college, David began experimenting with photographic techniques, quickly learning to use his camera as a tool in creating art.  More and more often, he began taking his camera with him everywhere he went, or simply going on photography outings.  In college David began studying Mechanical Engineering, but with difficulty in mathematics he decided it best to change majors; Photography was the clear choice.

David took a year of photography classes, learning to develop and print film, practicing studio lighting techniques, all while honing his skills at editing and producing digital images.  During this time, his professors, advisors, and mentors urged, as his photographic skills were already strong, that he major in a field related to photography he’d like to shoot; David took their advice, and began studying Government and International Politics.  Also during this time, he began receiving requests to shoot weddings and portraits, and offers to buy some of his existing work.

In 2012, David earned his BA in Government and International Politics, with a Minor in Psychology at George Mason University.  This background in politics, paired with a location just outside of Washington, DC, is conducive to a possible future in photojournalism with organizations in the DC Metro Area such as The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Reuters, The National Geographic Society, or even the United States Government.  As a member of the Professional Photographers of America, he continues to better his photography and explore his creativity in the art both through the work for his clients as well as his personal photographic endeavors.