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Warrenton Adventures - Glassblowing and Wineries

Sharing some recent personal work with you!  Two weeks ago I was in Warrenton for a little bit and got to see Tom Veirs working in his glassblowing studio after lunch.  I'm also bringing you something a little different; today's entire post contains a lot of black and white - a medium I love, but almost never publish in.

Warrenton Glassblowing at Veirs Studio Glass and Gallery

Tom will be retiring in end of May, so go visit his studio to buy some of his work before he says farewell!  He also had a visitor in the shop who studied glassblowing at VCU, and was practicing some of his skills.  It's a neat process that I'd only seen in limited amounts at the Maryland Renaissance Fair; here they showed me how to make some basics, like a shot glass and spiral patterns in wine glass stems.

Pearmund Cellars Winery

Afterwards was a visit to nearby Pearmund Cellars.  I'm not using this blog to post wine reviews, but I did to a full tasting and took tasting notes in my wine journal, which marks the first time I've wine journaled a Virginia vineyard.