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Katie's Cars and Coffee, February 7th, 2015

This weekend's Cars and Coffee was a VERY special one for me.  For the first time, I now have a car that is worth bringing to show at Katie's - I finally have a car that gets (some) attention.  That's right; this past Saturday was the new car's first car show, and to my surprise, it actually got some looks and photos taken - not nearly as many as the GT-R next spot over, but hey, I'm happy with what I have: a car people notice, and more importantly, with reliability (*knocks wood*) and a warranty!

I just missed it, but the man in this photo was the first person to walk around, look at, and take some photos of the new car... before of course moving on to the GT-R.

All A Dream: Spring of 2015

I actually didn't shoot any photos of my car beyond these two; I'll definitely be giving it a proper photo sesh on a later date.  Here it is with it's more energetic, very distant cousin.

All A Dream: Spring of 2015

So, I used Katie's the big reveal to a few friends of mine who have known I've desperately needed a new car for quite some time... in fact, a friend of mine *also* brought his new car (a Jaguar XF Portfolio Edition) to the show for the first time - that made two of us sharing our new cars for the first time at a car show; we both decided to do so at Katie's.

But enough of that; I also braved the cold and enjoyed the show's other (obviously more interesting) offerings.

It was a Porsche kind of weekend, but I really enjoyed this VW Rabbit Caddy.

All A Dream: Spring of 2015