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Katie's Cars and Coffee, January 17th, 2015

It's a new year, and it's been a while since I've visited Katie's.  After over a year of being publicly promoted, Katie's has become something of a zoo during warm months.  The last Cars and Coffee I attended, I was checking out St. Louis' car scene.  Unlike St. Louis' Cars and Coffee, Katie's takes place year-round, even braving bitter cold like this morning.  Even though I lost feeling in my thumb gripping my camera lens this morning, I much prefer Katie's in Winter, because although the show has exploded in Summer, Katie's in Winter is still just as small and intimate (and easy to enjoy) as always.

As I shoot Katie's for fun as somewhat of a break from hired shoots, I often use the weekly event as a practice run for different lenses or techniques, since it's a medium-scale but predictable event with an even mix of people and stationary subjects (the cars!).  This time was my first use of my Mamiya 100mm f/2.8 medium format lens, freelensed with my 1D X.  To most people, shooting this way looks outright silly.  "What's wrong with your lens; why isn't it it on the camera?"  Well, secretly, I haven't yet received the adapter someone is fabricating for me... but actually it's because I love how analog you can get with a digital camera.

Freelensing is a technique I commonly use with my converted Lubitel medium format lens (which I've also shot at Katie's)... but seeing how much larger the 100mm lens is, and knowing it has a larger image circle, I wanted to see how easily it would handle freelens shooting in direct sunlight.  It worked great - easy to line up, compose, focus, and shoot, with a lot more flexibility for any tilt-shifting.  And my favorite part, the light leaks; organic, naturally occurring light leaks.  In a time where digitally faked light leaks are popular, I am getting the real thing in-camera.  And it's beautiful.

All A Dream: Spring of 2015
All A Dream: Spring of 2015

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