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Camera Gear for Sale

UPDATE:  All items have sold.  Better luck next time!

Since I've recently changed some items in my gear bag, I am selling some of my gear.  Some of it has been used quite often, and some of it is completely brand new. I am a Canon Professional Services member and take care of my gear by only trusting Canon Direct with maintenance.

Please email me at for any questions, inquiries, or offers to buy!

Here is the list of items I have for sale:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Camera Body with BG-E6 Battery Grip - SOLD

This 5D Mark II has been my faithful secondary camera for almost 2 years now, but I have no more use for it after purchasing a 1D X.  This 5D Mark II is my least used camera body with ~41,163 shutter actuations (5D Mark IIs are rated for 150,000 actuations).  The camera is currently equipped with an Eg-S Super Precision Matte Focus Screen, and I'm including the stock screen in case you aren't shooting with f/2.8 or faster lenses.

Read Canon's details about the 5D Mark II here.

The Battery Grip is included, and works fine, though it does have cosmetic wear - belt rash; the paint has scraped off on a corner.  But hey, it looks battleworn and makes you look badass with your patinaed-ed out gear ;-)  That said, the scrape is on the Battery Grip and not the 5D II itself.  The Battery Magazine IS included with the Battery Grip, although I forgot to display it.


PocketWizard ControlTL System for Canon - SOLD

I am selling the PocketWizard System as a set at a discounted rate, OR individually.  All my Speedlites are 600EX-RTs now and have the radio function built in, so therefore the PocketWizard System is now redundant for me.

I have two of each PocketWizard item.  The AC3 ZoneControllers are BRAND NEW and NEVER USED - I have them direct from PocketWizard.  I have tested them to ensure proper function, and nothing more.

The ControlTL system is incredibly useful, especially in a fast-paced environment where there is little or no time for on-the-fly adjustments to wireless strobes, such as wedding receptions or rapid portrait sessions.  In the past I have used two MiniTT1s with AC3s (one on each camera... not these AC3s as they are brand new) to control my lights remotely.

PocketWizard MiniTT1-Canon: SOLD OUT
PocketWizard FlexTT5-Canon:  SOLD OUT
BRAND NEW PocketWizard AC3 ZoneController:  SOLD OUT


BRAND NEW Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack in Black - SOLD

This bag regularly sells for $200.  I actually have used this bag one time, but found that it's actually too big for my purposes... maybe it's perfect for you!  It's incredibly well built and comes with all straps and the padded hip belt with pockets.  Make no mistake, this is a serious bag with a tactical look - it's bad-ass, well padded, water resistant, and has lots of space!  The side zipper for computer access is very convenient to take your laptop and gadgets with you.  Check out Oakley's description here.