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Scott and Abbey: Married

Several years ago, I met Abbey in the last Psychology class I needed to earn my Minor.  Just like many college courses (but certainly not all), it was a very simple lecture with little class involvement that allowed me to work on other things... such as photo editing :-D  Every class, Abbey would sit next to me and see what photos I had taken that week as I edited.  Airport events, fun with a new lens, several trips to New York, portrait sessions, and even some wedding photos - it was such a relaxed class that I actually used my Wacom tablet for some of the editing, which I remember her commenting on it and asking how it works.

Flash forward, and Abbey began referring me wedding and portrait clients.  After several years of watching me work, sending me new clients, and seeing weddings I booked thanks to her, I wasn't surprised when I finally received a note from her, acknowledging that it's her turn this time:

"Alrighty Mr. What is your pricing for wedding photos?"

Scott and Abbey share a love for cycling, riding new places together often.  Scott surprised Abbey in a heartwarming engagement in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The couple was married at the beautiful Washington, DC LDS Temple on a crisp, sunny day.

Every wedding has something unique - Scott and Abbey's wedding incorporated Scott's new involvement in falconry.  This was the first wedding I have photographed in which the ring bearer was... a Red-Tailed Hawk!

After the dancing and partying finished, Scott and Abbey departed Old Town Fairfax to begin their new life and careers together.