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Adrianna: GMU Class of 2017

It's right around the corner!  Adrianna, a dear friend, hiking buddy, and sushi aficionado, is graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Microbiology this May!  Here she is looking cute in this plaid wrap that makes me think of places closer to the West coast.  I'm proud of ya girl!

Rupeng for Mason

Sometimes it's important to have fun!  Rupeng is a friend of mine who is running for Student Senate at George Mason University; these photos are going to be turned into Meme Posters for his campaign at Rupeng for Mason.  I shot some fun photos of him (in addition to some serious ones... but the fun ones are what he'll be using more of in his campaign) during a VERY quick photo sesh.  I've also been giving him a bit of campaign advice, which is more marketing than campaigning; you have to be able to market yourself (something I admit I'm still learning to do myself). This post may be updated in the future as Rupeng creates Memes from these images - I will update with his usage as he goes!