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Katie's Cars and Coffee: November 23rd, 2013

It's been a few weeks since I've been to Katie's; last weekend I shot an awesome wedding.  This weekend brought in a cold front, which, predictably, kept some folks from coming out.  While eating breakfast inside Katie's you could overhear conversations; "Ive put the Ferrari away for the Winter, so I just brought the Porsche."  The weather today was cold and blustery; it made for a short show, as most people gathered inside for coffee, and promptly left, avoiding the 35°F cold + wind chill... all while yesterday it was 65°F.


Jake (Bengal55) and I also ran into Patrick (Jagvar), and we toured the show together.


There was also this guy drove up to me in his Daimler and asked me if my camera records sound. I said, "it can" and proceeded to record him as he drove off.  Not sure what that was all about... but hey, if you find this video, here it is!

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