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Sterling Supercars: March 11th, 2017

Last minute I decided to swing by Ferrari / Maserati / Alfa Romeo of Washington in Sterling, Virginia for the Cars and Coffee that has been known as DC Exotics and more recently SterlingSupercars.  I've been to this Cars and Coffee once before; I don't frequent this one as often as others since it focuses exclusively on modern exotics, and other local car shows are more eclectic.  That being said, it's still a cool show to visit, and since it's sponsored by the (exotic) dealership, it's probably the most upscale cars and coffee event in the area.  Even if the focus is on Ferraris and Lamborghinis, being held at their dealerships, the atmosphere is just as welcoming as any other cars and coffee I've been to.

I showed up at the tail end of this show because I decided to go last minute, but there were still some cool rides there.  I even got to sit in a new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

After the show, I headed out to Sonic in Winchester for lunch, and we came across Dirt Farm Brewing by chance on the way back.  On a whim we dropped in to check out one of the local breweries we keep hearing about, and got flights.  I'm much more into wine than beer, and I only found one I liked.