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Michael Symon at Bar Symon, IAD

Recently Iron Chef Michael Symon dropped by Bar Symon, his restaurant at Washington Dulles International Airport; this time he was able to stay a little longer (last time he was in town his flight got messed up), and was signing books... and of course taking selfies, as usual.

If you've ever watched Food Network or The Chew on ABC, you have surely come to know and love Chef Symon.  Since there was time, I took the opportunity to get my cousin (who is a huge fan, an aspiring young cook, and incredibly jealous of my small connection to Michael) a signed and personalized cookbook, which I surprised him with a few days ago for Christmas.  He loved it, by the way.  I got one for myself too :-)

This day was a little strange - it's not uncommon that I'll go somewhere and run into someone I know.  It just happened that while I was photographing this event, one of my best friends was flying out, and also a college classmate of mine who I hadn't seen in a few years was also waiting on her flight to board.  It was nice to catch up with her during lulls in the event before she had to get to her gate.

Chef Symon said he remembers me from his last time at Dulles, when I covered his restaurant's grand opening ribbon cutting, and shot a portrait of him in front of the eatery.  This time I wanted to shoot another portrait, but somehow differently - we landed on the bar itself.  Just like last time, I was given only a few short minutes to set up and get the shot; this is a single flash photo, also just like last time.  I actually like it better that my previous one!