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Shatter Me

It finally came!!!  A Limited Edition Hot Pink autographed Lindsey Stirling "Shatter Me" 45 RPM vinyl on my Audio-Technica turntable...  Also known as my latest photo editing music.

This vinyl is being saved; I have the standard black copy for actual listening.

Lindsey Stirling is one of my favorite musicians, and definitely my favorite YouTuber, along with the likes of Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Esmée Denters, and Madilyn Bailey.  I was fortunate enough to see Lindsey Stirling perform live this Summer at Echo Stage.  She is of course known for her ability to play rapid paced violin set to dubstep / EDM... while dancing.

This vinyl is probably the richest sounding record I own - at 45 rpm, there is more signal available on each track, for deep, resonant bass, and crisp highs, with a full midrange that really brings out the violin.  Listening through Bose headphones actually gave me goosebumps at how rich and enveloping the audio is - I like my iPhone and MacBook Pro, but they are no match for the audio quality of analog.