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Katie's Cars and Coffee: May 31st, 2014

This weekend I got to Katie's pretty late; later than I've ever arrived, at quarter to 8.  Thanks to a debilitating migraine soon afterwards, I am also posting this week's photos later than usual.  Also, apparently Dry Socket in car guy speak is "Dry Rot."  ;-)

Sitting proudly front and center, Eric Zausner made another appearance in his Torpedo Spyder handbuilt by Steve Moal's Coachworks.  This hot rod has a Ferrari motor under the hood, in contrast to his custom, aircraft themed Moal automotive powered by a 1,200HP Falconer V12 aircraft engine which was on display last week.

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This week was graced with three Lamborghini Diablos.  This included a Diablo VT Roadster, a Diablo SV, and a 1996 Diablo VT.

There was plenty more to take in, and less exotic, such as this Fairlane 500.

After watching Breaking Bad, I have a new appreciation for the Wagoneer, which I liked to begin with.

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