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Cars and Coffee: May 3rd, 2014

This weekend I did something a little different.  After spending about an hour at Katie's, I headed over to Bethesda's Cars 'N' Coffee to check it out, since I heard there would be some fellow Jalops meeting up there.

Katie's Cars and Coffee

Since the weather has warmed up, and weather calmed down, Katie's had a massive turnout this weekend with a few offerings it had never seen before.  It was a lovely weekend with some great cars to enjoy.

Someone may or may not have tried to photobomb this Rolls.

Stars Recall: Spring of 2014

There is an F40 that claims Great Falls as its home, but then something really special happened... a second F40, a rare Competizione model, arrived to the surprise of everyone in attendance.  It was actually magical to see the two Ferrari brethren merely feet away from one another.

On my way out, I spotted this immaculate '66 Thunderbird, with the most beautiful, and completely all-original, interior I have ever seen.  What a beautiful car!

Bethesda Cars 'N' Coffee

After Katie's, I headed over to Bethesda to check it out for the first time.  I figured this would be a good weekend, since I heard from Bengal55 on Oppo that some Jalops might be meeting up there.  Although I didn't get the chance to chat with any attendees, I still did spot some interesting rides, such as this modified Z4, several classic BMW 2002s, and even a first-generation Eagle Talon TSi in amazing condition.

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